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PACEMAKER is a Funk-Rock band from Israel
The band brings crates of energetic groove, combined with powerful songs and scorching lyrics.
PACEMAKER’s music invites the listener on a journey through personal pain to a collective protest. A journey to discover simplicity and innocence, to satisfy the craving for something real and unconstrained, that if found, will carry with it a wave of free movement and hope.
The band was formed in 2019 by brothers Ittai and Mully Allon.
The band will release its debut single: “Wanderman” in December 2020.
Two more singles are due to be released in the beginning of 2021, all part of their first album which will be released later that year.


Vocals: Ittai Allon

Bass & Vocals: Mully Allon

Guitar: Artur Puchinsky

Drums: Roei Tal

Piano & Keyboards: Alon Iny