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PACEMAKER's story is a story of healing and transformation. 
Their journey began in 2008 when Israeli singer-songwriter Ittai Allon formed a rock band called “Sons Of David” with his two younger brothers Eran and Mully Allon. The band was active and performing live in various venues in Israel, until in 2010 Eran was killed by his boyfriend in a hotel room in Montreal. The tragedy led Ittai into a long period of stagnation and the project faded.
In 2019 Ittai felt the only way for him to heal was through his art. He asked his brother Mully to produce the album they started 10 years ago and along with additional musicians they formed PACEMAKER.
In December 2022 the band released their debut album “Relic” which is dedicated to their brother Eran. The album title symbolizes the forgotten remnants of love and freedom, now rediscovered in the form of music and creation.
PACEMAKER’s music conceptually speaks about social issues, love, spirituality, and self development. Their style is greatly inspired by artists like David Bowie, Jim Morrison and Freddy Mercury coupled with a more contemporary sound derived from bands like Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala and The National. The marriage between western and middle eastern influences produces a dark yet hopeful and unique feel. 


Vocals: Ittai Allon
Guitars & Vocals: Mully Allon

Bass & Vocals: Eli Moalem

Lead Guitar: Artur Puchinsky

Drums: Roei Tal

Piano & Keyboards: Alon Iny